You asked: Why should you not fly kites on the terrace?

Your kite can do damage to the windows, sidings and roof of a house. If your kite ends up on the roof, you’re going to need a new kite. And never, ever fly near high tension wires. If your kite touches the lines you can be killed by the electricity.

Where should we not fly kites?

Keep in mind these common safety precautions:

  • Don’t fly near people, especially young children.
  • Don’t fly close to roads. …
  • Keep clear of electric power lines, electrical signs, and TV and radio aerials.
  • Don’t fly near airports.
  • Don’t fly your kite in winds stronger than recommended.
  • Never fly in stormy weather.

What are the dangers of flying kites?

Kites will also put extreme tension on the kite lines making them razor sharp, any line under tension can cause severe cuts, bruises and burns if it comes into contact with anyone at any speed. Spectators DO NOT understand this and may not know they are in danger, especially young children.

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Can you fly kites anywhere?

Flying a kite is probably one of those things you think about doing when you’re on holiday, usually at the beach. But you can fly a kite anywhere if there’s a bit of wind and an open space. … A wide open space – beaches or parks are usually good choices. Strong arms – the kite can sometimes pull away from you in the wind.

Is kite flying bad for birds?

Hundreds of birds are grievously injured every year by glass-coated kite strings (locally called “Manjha”) that are used for flying kites. The injuries are mostly related to the wings and range from fractures, ligament and muscle separation and, worst of all, complete amputation of the wing.

What is kite safety?

Kite lines conduct electricity; do not fly near overhead power lines and do not fly in wet or stormy weather. Never use wire or metallic line to fly a kite, and always keep your line dry. Do not fly within 5 miles of any airport’s boundaries. The flying lines on larger kites can hurt your hands.

Can we fly kite in USA?

Yes, kite flying is absolutely allowed in the US. The FAA has some rules about flying kites heavier than five pounds, and about flying next to airports.

When should you not fly a kite?

Do not fly a kite on days when the wind is too strong for the type of kite you are flying. This will only damage the kite. Most kites should not be flown in more than 20 mph. Never fly in rain or lightning.

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What is the care to be taken while flying kites?

Answer: Keep clear of electric power lines, electrical signs, and TV and radio aerials. Don’t fly near airports. Don’t fly your kite in winds stronger than recommended.

Is it illegal to fly kites?

It’s illegal to fly a kite without a permit.

According to the Indian Aircraft Act of 1934, which says you need a permit or a license to fly a plane, you also need a similar permit to fly a kite.

Why is it illegal to fly a kite?

According to the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, it is illegal to fly a kite in “any street, to the obstruction, annoyance, or danger of the residents or passengers.” In other words, don’t make a nuisance of yourself with kite in hand, which probably rules out any Oxford Circus dreams you may have been harbouring.

Is kite flying legal?

Kite flying is illegal in India according to the Indian Aircraft Act of 1934, which was amended in 2008. Section 11 allows for perpetrators to be imprisoned for two years, pay a fine of ten lakh rupees or face prison and a fine.

Who banned manja?

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) had banned the product in its 2016 judgement and put-up stringent punishment for violators which would attract a jail term of up to five years or a fine of up to 1 lakh or both. Despite the ban, there hasn’t been much of a difference amongst retailers and kite flyers in the city.

Do you think flying kites must be banned give reasons for your answer?

Road accidents

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Metal-coated strings have fallen on electricity lines and overhead power cables, and people have been electrocuted while trying to retrieve their kites. These strings have also caused short-circuits and power outages. And kite strings aren’t the only reason kite flying can be dangerous.

How can we save birds in kite festival?

“The bird should not be given water. The injuries should not be smeared with turmeric (haldi). Let the bird settle for a while after the shock. If possible, wrap it in a clean cloth and let the blood stop,” he said.