You asked: How do you attach a kite line?

What is a laundry line kite?

Line Laundry is the affectionate term for all kinds of tails, drogues, windsocks, flags, streamers, spinners and fun sky art hoisted skyward by kites. It is often attached to the flying line, but can also act as a good stabilizer when connected directly to the kite.

What can I use for kite string?

Twisted nylon is the most common out of these 3 types of nylon lines. You can use thin butcher’s twine to fly a kite in a pinch. Often these are also brightly coloured for aesthetics. However, twisted nylon lines tend to easily tangle.

How do you bridle a kite?

Tie one end to the bridle attachment point near the nose (where the spine intersects the bow). Tie the other end to the attachment point near the tail (to the spine, several centimeters from the tail). Then tie another piece of string into a loop. Attach it to the bridle with a lark’s head or prussik knot.

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