Why does the kite become ragged?

Q2) When does the kite become ragged? Ans2) It becomes ragged when it is entangled in the branches of the tree. It flutters its wings to get free. Sometimes it is torn.

How does the kite become weak?

Answer: The kite becomes weak with the falling of the wind.

What happened to the kite?

Kite uses his Nen ability to conjure a mace-like weapon to buy some time for them to escape. Unable to stand up to the Chimera Ant’s strength, Kite is killed by Neferpitou.

What happens to the kite by the end of the poem?

Answer: The kite hurls and with every wag its tail produces a cracking sound. Then, while flying ,all of a sudden, the kite goes high on the top just like a ship goes up and down on the crest of waves with a sail cloth.

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What happens to the kite when the wind falls?

It moves along with the wind, when the wind falls the kite takes rest. When the string from which it is attached goes loose, the person who is controlling the kite, has to roll back the string. The kite has to come back to the ground.

How does the kite snaps its tail?

Q5) How does it snap its tail? Ans5) It snaps its tail with a dive and a dip.

How does a new kite fly?

When the thread tied to the kite loosens the flier runs and rolls it back. He waits till a new breeze(air) blows again and fills its wings with air again to help it fly high. Is a kite when it’s new!

Does Gon save kite?

Unable to stand up to the Chimera Ant’s strength, Kite is killed by pitou. Since Neferpitou enjoyed their fight with Kite, they keep the body instead of feeding it to the Queen. … After taking some blows from Kite, Gon hugs him and vows to get Neferpitou so he can save him.

Is kite stronger than hisoka?

Both are incredibly strong. Originally Answered: Who do you think would win in a fight, Kite or Hisoka? Definitely Kite. Hisoka puts a fight which doesn’t have larger destructive powers meaning, he can fight a one on one against a perfect warrior by being sneaky AF.

How does the new kite look?

Answer: A new kite looks bright on the blue sky. It takes a plunge and bends. It makes a cracking sound with its tail. The kite goes up in the sky as the breeze blows again.

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Where does the kite flap on a string?

Answer: The kite flaps on a string when it is in sky.

What is the theme of the poem the kite?

Our youth is like bright kite and we try to achieve everything. We face failures in your lives (as the kite goes up and down) and one day we finally become old and die. So, the poem is about the reality of humans life which is short like the flight of kite.

What does the poet compare the kite to?

The kite is compared to a ship with a sail as it dips, dives and then soars up high!

How does the kite look in the sky when does the kite lose its beauty?

Question 4 : When does the kite lose its beauty? Answer : The kite loses its beauty and shine when it gets trapped in the branches of a tree.

Why did Taro get reward?

Ans: The Emperor of Japan rewarded Taro for being good and kind towards his parents. This was Emperor’s way to encourage all children to respect, obey and serve their parents.

How does the kite react when new wind blows?

Answer: It moves upward in the air as a ship rides in the strong wave of the sea. It moves along with the wind, when the wind falls the kite takes rest.