Where do you put the string on a diamond kite?

Tape the two sticks together in the center of the cross or use string to tie the two sticks together in the center tightly. Cut the sticks to fit the ends of each corner of the diamond. For extra stability, make a notch in the end of each stick and run a string around the perimeter of the kite.

How do you thread a diamond kite?

Cut a piece of kite string about 1½ times the length of your long stick. Tie one end to the top string loop, and tie the other end to the bottom string loop. This is the kite bridle. Tie a loop in the bridle about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the kite and clip the swivel to it.

Where should the string be on a kite?

Place the folded end of the thread about 5 centimetres (2.0 in) through the top hole via the front of the kite. Then, pull the thread back toward yourself via the diagonally opposite hole. Loop the string over the kite sticks when you thread the string back toward yourself.

What can I use for kite string?

Twisted nylon is the most common out of these 3 types of nylon lines. You can use thin butcher’s twine to fly a kite in a pinch. Often these are also brightly coloured for aesthetics. However, twisted nylon lines tend to easily tangle.

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