When and where does the kite look bright?

The kite looks bright when it is in the blue sky. It dives, dips, snaps and soars like a ship. Riding on the wind the kite reaches to the crest. Immediately with a sudden gust it takes rest and with the fall of the wind it goes loose.

What do kites look bright?

Answer: The kite looks bright in the blue sky. It rises like a ship, riding over high waves in the sea.

When and where does the kite look new?

A new kite looks bright when the sky is clear and blue. The kite takes a plunge and bends sideways. Its tail produces a cracking noise. Then suddenly the kite rises high like a ship with sailcloth.

When the kite is bright and blue?

A new breeze blows And its wings fill And up it goes! How bright on the blue Is a kite when it’s new! But a raggeder thing You never will see When it flaps on string In the top of a tree. 1.

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How does the kite look when it is now?

A new kite looks bright when the sky is clear and blue. … When the thread tied to the kite becomes loose, the flier rolls the thread back. Then again the flier runs until the kite is filled with wind and goes up. On a clear blue sky, the new kite shines.

Where had the farmer’s wife gone?

Ans: The farmer’s wife had gone to the market. She left the baby to the care of her pet, the friendly mongoose.

What happens when the kite trapped in a tree?

Question 2 : What happened when the kite get trapped in a tree? Answer : The kite looked dull after it was trapped in a tree. It fluttered when its string was caught in the tree branches. The master of the kite could no longer control the kite and its string.

How does the poet describe the beauty of kite?

Q1) How does the poet describe the beauty of a kite? Ans1) A kite looks beautiful. It is lovely and bright in the blue sky. It looks more beautiful when it dances moving its tails high up in the air.

What is the theme of the poem the kite?

Our youth is like bright kite and we try to achieve everything. We face failures in your lives (as the kite goes up and down) and one day we finally become old and die. So, the poem is about the reality of humans life which is short like the flight of kite.

Why are kites soars high?

There is the force from the kite string, the force of the wind and the force of gravity. The force of the wind pushes the kite upwards and backwards.

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How bright on the blue is a kite when it’s new with a dive and a dip it snaps its tail?

Part 1. In the first stanza, the poet says with an exclamation that a kite looks bright in the blue sky when it is new. It snaps (i.e. waves with enthusiasm) its tail with a dive and a dip. In other words, the kite flies in the air like waves travel in the sea and its tail moves rapidly along with it.

How bright on the blue is a kite when it’s new answer?

How does a new kite look like in the sky? Answer:- It looks very bright. Question 3.

How bright on the blue What is the blue?

Answer: in this poem blue means a sky. Explanation: as the sky is blue in colour.

What was the final status of the kite *?

Answer: When the kite has to be wound back till a new wind fills it high and uplifts it. But the kite loses its splendour when its string gets tangled in a tree top. It then becomes foppish and loses all its grandeur.

What happens to a kite when wind falls?

It moves along with the wind, when the wind falls the kite takes rest. When the string from which it is attached goes loose, the person who is controlling the kite, has to roll back the string. The kite has to come back to the ground.

What is the kite compared to?

The kite is compared to a ship with a sail as it dips, dives and then soars up high!

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