What is the summary of the poem the kite?

the Kite is a 24 lines lyric poem written by Harry Behn in which the poet explains the flying of a new kite in the sky. The poet compares the kite with various things to explain its beauty and motion. Its flight in the sky depends on the wind. Hence it flies high only when the wind blows.

What is the moral of poem the kite?

The moral of the poem is that to be successful in life one must work hard with determination and be courageous. One must face the challenges in life by being brave, courageous and determined.

How does the kite soar in the sky Class 6?

The kite looks like a ship sailing on the high tides. Here the soaring of the kite is compared to the sailing of the ship. As the wind pushes the ship, it sways and moves through the water. Similarly, the kite climbs higher as the wind blows.

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Who wrote the poem a kite?

Answer: The poet of the poem “the kite” is Harry Behn.

How is the kite like a ship class 6?

It shakes its tail with a noise caused by air. It soars high like a ship in the air with only one sail. It moves upward in the air as a ship rides in the strong wave of the sea. It moves along with the wind, when the wind falls the kite takes rest.

What happens to the kite by the end of the poem?

Answer: The kite hurls and with every wag its tail produces a cracking sound. Then, while flying ,all of a sudden, the kite goes high on the top just like a ship goes up and down on the crest of waves with a sail cloth.

What does the little kite learned to fly mean?

There was once a brave little kite it wanted to learn how to fly but it was scared that it would fall and there was a big kite who encouraged the little kite and helped it to fly with his confidence and when he reached the sky and looked down he saw many kids playing and finally he learned how to fly and he felt happy.

How does a new kite fly?

When the thread tied to the kite loosens the flier runs and rolls it back. He waits till a new breeze(air) blows again and fills its wings with air again to help it fly high. Is a kite when it’s new!

Do kites fly?

A kite will fly if it finds enough wind to lift it and keep it in the sky. Successful kite flight depends upon establishing and maintaining a balance between the upward force of lift, the downward force of gravity, and the backward force of drag.

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How does the poet describe the beauty of kite?

Q1) How does the poet describe the beauty of a kite? Ans1) A kite looks beautiful. It is lovely and bright in the blue sky. It looks more beautiful when it dances moving its tails high up in the air.

What happens to the kite when wind falls?

It moves along with the wind, when the wind falls the kite takes rest. When the string from which it is attached goes loose, the person who is controlling the kite, has to roll back the string. The kite has to come back to the ground.

Where does the kite snap?

Ans. It snaps its tail with a dive and a dip. Q8. How does the poet compare the kite to a ship?

What does the kite compared to?

The kite is compared to a ship with a sail as it dips, dives and then soars up high!

How does the kite look like in the sky?

How does the kite look like in the sky? Answer: The kite looks bright in the blue sky. It rises like a ship, riding over high waves in the sea.

What SAIL does the kite have?

Then suddenly the kite rises high like a ship with sailcloth. The kite has only one sail of string. It rides Over the strong winds and climbs to their top like a ship. It pulls forward when the wind is strong.