What is the moral of the poem the kite?

The moral of the poem is that to be successful in life one must work hard with determination and be courageous. One must face the challenges in life by being brave, courageous and determined.

What lesson do you learn from the poem the brave little kite?

This is one of the great inspiring poems gives a strong message about courage. It tells us how it takes immense courage to try things out. As the little kite was afraid of taking off for his first flight, we, similarly are always worried about change, about the things that are new to us.

Who is the poem of the poem the kite?

Answer: The poet of the poem “the kite” is Harry Behn.

How is the kite described in the poem?

The poet draws a beautiful picture of the flying kite through his words in the poem. According to the him, a kite looks beautiful. It is lovely and bright in the blue sky. It looks more beautiful when it dances moving its tails high up in the air.

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What is the message of the poem?

Meaning is the word referring comprehensively to the ideas expressed within the poem – the poem’s sense or message. When understanding poetry, we frequently use the words idea, theme, motif, and meaning. Usually, idea refers to a concept, principle, scheme, method, or plan.

What is the moral of the poem how the little kite learned to fly?

one must face the challenges in life by being brave,courageous and determined. Explanation: In the poem the little kite wanted to fly in the sky but he afraid. Finally, it successfully learns to fly high in the sky.

What happens to the kite by the end of the poem?

Answer: The kite hurls and with every wag its tail produces a cracking sound. Then, while flying ,all of a sudden, the kite goes high on the top just like a ship goes up and down on the crest of waves with a sail cloth.

What is the meaning of soars like a ship?

The soars like a ship. … The movement of the tailless kite is compared to a ship with a sail. This is called a simile.

What is the little kite afraid of?

Ans2. The little kite was afraid of flying. … The big kite flew away cause he wanted to motivate the small kite.

How does a new kite fly?

When the thread tied to the kite loosens the flier runs and rolls it back. He waits till a new breeze(air) blows again and fills its wings with air again to help it fly high. Is a kite when it’s new!

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Which kite is bright answer?

Answer:- Here, the poet expresses the beautiness of a kite when it flies too high in the sky. A kite looks bright when it is new it snaps the tail with a dive and a dip. The poet compares a kite with a ship that soars only a sail.

What is the kite compared to?

The kite is compared to a ship with a sail as it dips, dives and then soars up high!

Why is Ambahan important?

But generally speaking, the ambahan is used on those occasions when something embarrassing, unpleasant, delicate or even precious (as love) has to be said. For instance, a boy may tell a girl in plain language that he will never forget her, but it would sound so much nicer if he were to do so in an ambahan.

What is the message of the poem everyday things?

The poem ‘everyday things’ written by Jean Ayer tells about the importance of things that we need essentially in our daily lives. The poet says that even kings can’t live without everyday things. A Great King needs to use things which are used by a common man too.

What is the message of the poem be the best?

The poem gives a profound message. The poet tries to tell us that we should be proud of whatever we are doing. If we cannot do something great, we should be happy to do smaller things. Everyone cannot be someone great in the world but whatever we become, we should do it well.