What is the little kite talking about?

What lesson did the little kite learn?

The little kite stirred at the sight of the big flight, whirled and then grew braver flight. In this way the little kite prepared himself for the flight.

West Bengal State Board Class 6 English Solution: Lesson 6 How The Little Kite learned to Fly.

Cause Effect
(c) The little kite was thrilled with pride.

What is the message of the poem the brave little kite?

This is one of the great inspiring poems gives a strong message about courage. It tells us how it takes immense courage to try things out. As the little kite was afraid of taking off for his first flight, we, similarly are always worried about change, about the things that are new to us.

What does the little kite learned to fly mean?

There was once a brave little kite it wanted to learn how to fly but it was scared that it would fall and there was a big kite who encouraged the little kite and helped it to fly with his confidence and when he reached the sky and looked down he saw many kids playing and finally he learned how to fly and he felt happy.

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Why was the little kite said?

Little kite said that he never can fly up in the sky, As he looked at the other kites who are at high over his head. The little kite feared that he should fall if I tried to fly in the sky. Other big kites in the sky said him to fly, at least only to try to fly! … The big said to little kite well, good-bye.

What was the advice of the big kite?

The big kite encouraged the little kite to fly by telling him that he could only learn to fly if he tried.

How did the little kite mood change in the poem?

Initially, the little kite was afraid to fly high into the sky and was highly pessimistic. But later on with the motivating words of the big kite, he gathered courage and learnt to fly slowly.