What is a synonym for kite?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for kite, like: soar, box kite, bird, hang-glider, Hargrave kite, sail, hawk, Chinese kite, buggying, cellular kite and Powerkiting.

What is the antonym of kite?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for kite. mope, pout, stew, sulk.

What is flying a kite called?

an act or instance of flying a kite. … Also called kiting.

What is kite in simple words?

1 : a light frame covered with paper, cloth, or plastic, often provided with a stabilizing tail, and designed to be flown in the air at the end of a long string. 2 : any of various usually small hawks (family Accipitridae) with long narrow wings and often a notched or forked tail. 3 : a person who preys on others.

How many words are kites?

90 words for ‘kite’ – Reverse Dictionary.

How do you say kite in different languages?

The Global Language of Kites

  1. Afrikaans – Vlieers.
  2. Arabic – Tayara.
  3. Argentina – Barilete.
  4. Belgian – Plakwaaier.
  5. Chinese – Fung jung , Pianzi.
  6. Dutch – Vlieger.
  7. English – Kite.
  8. Estonian – Lohe.

Why are kites called kites?

One technical definition is that a kite is “a collection of tether-coupled wing sets“. The name derives from its resemblance to a hovering bird. The lift that sustains the kite in flight is generated when air moves around the kite’s surface, producing low pressure above and high pressure below the wings.

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Are kites named after the bird?

kite Add to list Share. A kite is a diamond-shaped flying toy on a string that’s usually made of fabric or paper. … The toy kite is named after the bird, since they both soar through the air.

What does kite Flyer mean?

noun One who flies a kite. … noun One who attempts to raise money by the use of accommodation bills.

What does Kite mean in gaming?

Kiting is a term primarily encountered in MMORPGs referring to a popular method of killing mobs (monsters) or other players by staying at a distance, using ranged attacks, and running whenever the enemy comes near. Similar tactics may be used in other computer and video games.

Do kites eat snakes?

Though adult Swallow-tailed Kites eat mostly flying insects, they feed their young with many types of small vertebrates – including tree frogs, lizards, nestling birds, and snakes.

What is kite Vscode?

Kite is an AI-powered programming assistant that helps you write code faster inside Visual Studio Code. Kite helps you write code faster by saving you keystrokes and showing you the right information at the right time.

What are the parts of a kite?

Each part of the kite system has its function, so get familiar with its components and terms:

  • The Kite Canopy. …
  • The Leading Edge (LEI) …
  • The Bridles. …
  • The Struts. …
  • The Trailing Edge. …
  • The Wing Tip. …
  • The One Pump System. …
  • The Inflate/Deflate Valves.

What are some words that start with K?

Some of the K words for kids are kid, key, kind, koala, knit, kiwi, kick, King, kit, kitten, kangaroo, keyboard, kitchen, kayak, knife, knight, ketchup, etc.

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