What do you wear skydiving in cold weather?

Wearing layers is the key to chilly skydiving success, and like any cold-weather wardrobe, base layers will be your best friend. A thermal layer beneath a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of long-johns or thermals on the bottom can make all the difference when you are in freefall.

How should I dress for skydiving in winter?

Get fleeced. The best material to wear when skydiving in the cold is fleece. It’s thin enough to be one of your layers and has warming properties which will keep the chill away even on the coldest of skydiving days.

Can you go skydiving in cold weather?

With cooler temps and winter chill in the air, many people tend to think that skydiving is a summer activity. Most people don’t consider asking “Can you go skydiving in the Winter?” but they should because the answer is yes, you absolutely can. Cold temperatures alone aren’t enough to keep us on the ground.

How cold is skydiving in winter?

When skydiving in December, consider that the temperatures where we are in Northern California average in the high 50’s, often reaching 60+, and it only chills down a fraction more in January. If you’re cold natured, you may find it a little chilly. But it’s nothing a few layers can’t handle!

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How do skydivers stay warm?

Wear Dem Layers

Not so in skydiving! Instead of bringing your fluffiest down to get you down, bring a whole bunch of thin, close-fitting layers. They are really the best way to stay warm because they create insulating pockets of air in between them without adding freefall-inappropriate bulk.

Is it better to skydive in the summer or winter?

Fall. Though not as popular as summer, fall is one of the best times of the year you can skydive. The skydiving season is just beginning to wind down, and with that, comes a more relaxed pace.

What is the best temperature for skydiving?

Bright blue cloudless skies, gentle breezes, and temperatures of 75 degrees make a perfect day for tons of activities, skydiving included.

What should I wear for skydiving?

Your clothing for skydiving should be comfortable and loose-fitting. Athletic wear or activewear items like gym shorts, leggings/yoga pants, or t-shirts are our first choices for what to wear skydiving when it is warm.

Is 50 degrees too cold to skydive?

We won’t lie, the winters here tend to be cold and windy, but we’ve seen several warm days appear out of nowhere! In the winter, you can expect to see temperatures hanging around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Come prepared with a few layers, and you’ll be fine on your skydive!

How much does it cost to skydive?

The skydiving cost in India is almost the same in all places here. For a one-time tandem jump, the price starts from INR 27,000 – INR 35,000. The cost of a static line jump is somewhere between INR 16,000 – 18,000. For accelerated free fall, the cost lies around INR 2,25,000.

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What should I wear skydiving at 60 degrees?

60-70 – long pants and wear multiple layers on top to prepare for a range of temperatures. 60 or below – long pants/shirts and wear warm layers (long johns, Under Armour)

Dress in layers – you will be prepared for varying temperatures

  • shorts above the knee.
  • low cut tank tops.
  • collared shirts.
  • sandals/boots.
  • jewelry.

Can a paraplegic skydive?

Paraplegic: Tandem Skydives: Due to the simplicity of the tandem method, there is only a minor effect. … For this reason, we require paraplegics to come out during the weekdays (Mon-Thurs) due to the additional length of time this skydive may require, so that we can focus on the safety of your skydive.

What do you wear skydiving in spring?


Consider wearing a base layer, a long sleeve shirt, and a low-volume fleece or sweatshirt on top of it all. On the bottom half, Under Armour or a similar thermal layer beneath your pants or jeans will help to keep you warm, cozy, and comfortable.

Is skydiving seasonal?

It’s commonplace to skydive during the fall months, but not for the entire fall. Officially, the fall season lasts from the third week in September through the third week in December. Most skydiving centers operating in the northeast, midwest, and Pacific northwest operate through the third weekend in October.

Can you skydive in October?

Skydiving in October is an opportunity to jump when the weather is just right. As the temperatures cool toward November, you may need to add a few extra layers to keep yourself comfortable. We suggest a thin base layer to lock in heat at your core.

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What should I wear to skydive in October?

Clothing for Skydiving

As a general rule, whatever you are comfortable wearing on the ground on the day of your jump is suitable. If it is hot then shorts and a t-shirt or some such is fine. If it is a little cooler, then pants and long sleeves are a better choice.