Question: How does a new kite look in the blue sky?

Answer : A new kite looks very bright in the blue sky. The kite jumps in the air and moves up in the sky. It shakes its tail with a noise. It soars high like a ship in the air.

How does the new kite look when it is new?

A new kite looks bright when the sky is clear and blue. The kite takes a plunge and bends sideways. Its tail produces a cracking noise.

How does a kite look when it is new and when it is stuck on a tree?

In the clear sky means when there are no clouds, a kite will look bright in it. … A kite really looks bright on a clear sky. But when it gets stuck on a tree top, it gets torn and gives a poor look.

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How bright on the blue is a kite when it’s new meaning?

The colourful kite soars high in the sky, and when it is a new kite, it looks beautiful. The line “how bright on the blue” means how bright in the sky. Here, the poet calls the sky blue as the sky is blue in colour. It can also mean that the sky is clear without clouds.

What happens when a new wind blows?

When the string is slack you wind it back. You unwind it only when a new wind blows. This new wind fills its wings with air.

How does the poet describe the new kite?

Explain how does the poet Describes a kite? Answer:- Here, the poet expresses the beautiness of a kite when it flies too high in the sky. A kite looks bright when it is new it snaps the tail with a dive and a dip. The poet compares a kite with a ship that soars only a sail.

How many wishes d the elf Grant Patrick?

Ans: Patrick saved the life of the elf from a cat. So the elf promised to fulfil one wish of his saviour. ‘

When and where does the kite look bright?

The kite looks bright when it is in the blue sky. It dives, dips, snaps and soars like a ship. Riding on the wind the kite reaches to the crest. Immediately with a sudden gust it takes rest and with the fall of the wind it goes loose.

How does a kite soar in the sky?

A kite flies because the wind pushes it. … The wind also pushes the kite when it flies. It cannot blow the kite away as the kite is tied to the string. But the wind can blow the kite up into the air because the kite is at a slight angle to the wind.

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How does a kite snaps its tail?

Q5) How does it snap its tail? Ans5) It snaps its tail with a dive and a dip.

What is the summary of the poem the kite?

the Kite is a 24 lines lyric poem written by Harry Behn in which the poet explains the flying of a new kite in the sky. The poet compares the kite with various things to explain its beauty and motion. Its flight in the sky depends on the wind. Hence it flies high only when the wind blows.

What is the moral of the poem the kite?

The moral of the poem is that to be successful in life one must work hard with determination and be courageous. One must face the challenges in life by being brave, courageous and determined.

How does the poet describe the journey of a kite in the sky?

When a strong wind blows, it rides over it as does a ship on a tidal wave. But its activity becomes weak as the speed of the wind becomes slow. Then the thread controlling the kite becomes loose and one has to roll it back on the charkhi. “The kite goes up in the sky as the breeze blows again.

What change a new breeze bring to the kite?

(ii) A new breeze brings changes as it makes it fly high. (iii) Wings of kites fill and goes up. (iv) When string gets loose, one must wind it back.

What is meant by Raggeder thing you never will see?

You never will see. When it flaps on a string. In the top of a tree. Raggeder: torn or tattered. A kite looks very bright and beautiful on a clear sky.

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