Question: Are they flying kites passive voice?

The kites were being flown by them.

Are they flying kites change in passive voice?

Answer: The kites were flying by us.

Is he not flying a kite in passive voice?

❤ A kite not flown flown by him .

Who were flying the kites in passive voice?

Answer: ‘The Kites were being flown by the boys’ is the passive of the given sentence. Explanation: The passive voice of the sentence ‘The boys were flying kites’ is ‘Kites were being flown by the boys.

Does Mohan flying kite change into passive voice?

Answer: A kite is being flown by Mohan on the root.

What is the passive voice of she did not sing a song?

Answer: A song was not sung by her. please mark me as the brainliest!

What is the passive voice of the boy made a kite?

A kite was made by the boy.

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Do you scold me change into passive voice?

It has to be changed into passive voice. The above sentence is an interrogative sentence. … In passive voice, the subject is the receiver of the action of the verb. In the above sentence, the subject is ‘you’ and the action done is ‘scold’.

Does she sing songs change into passive voice?

Active voice: She is singing a song. Passive voice: A song is being sung by her.

Are the children flying kites in passive?

Answer: Kites are being flown by the children.

Has he sung a song change the voice?

In order to convert the given sentence into passive voice, the action which is done must be written at the first and sentence must be in the past form as: A song was sung by him.

Do the boys make paper kites in passive voice?

Kites are being made by the boys.

What is the passive voice of the peon rings the bell?

Answer: The bell was rung by the peon. Hope it helps you !!!

Does she wash the clothes change into passive voice?

Answer: The given sentence is in active voice. Active Voice : She washes her clothes. … The given sentence, when converted to passive voice, is : Passive Voice : Her clothes are washed by her.

Who has broken the glass voice change?

passive voice : The glass has been broken by whom?