How much is skydiving in Philippines?

Skydive Cebu price starts at P18,000 for a tandem skydive if you are alone. But if you book in even numbered (2,4,6,8 etc) then the price is P15,000. Here are some of the people who have done Skydiving and lived to tell one of the greatest adventures of their life.

How much is it to skydive?

Summary. Budget $400-$600 for your tandem skydive experience. Like any product or service, you get what you pay for. If you go the cheapest option don’t expect too much.

Is there skydiving in Philippines?

Located in the province capital, Iba, SkyDive Zambales offers both solo and tandem jumps. Similar to other facilities for skydiving, all jump instructors – military personnel and policemen – here are USPA licensed.

Where can I skydive in Philippines?

5 Skydiving Spots in the Philippines

  • Skydive Zambales. Location: Skydive Zambales Dropzone, Iba Airport, Iba, Zambales. …
  • Explore Pangasinan. Location: Binalonan Drop Zone, Binalonan, Pangasinan. …
  • Skydive Greater Cebu by Skydive Greater Inc. …
  • Skydive Greater Siquijor by Skydive Greater Inc. …
  • Aero-Tour Services.
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How long is a 15000 skydive?

HOW LONG DOES A TANDEM SKYDIVE FREEFALL LAST? From 15,000ft you will freefall for up to 60 seconds.

Is skydiving an expensive sport?

1. Gas prices and the cost of living may be sky high, but the cost of a tandem skydive isn’t! While just about everything else has a pretty steep price tag here in California, the cost of a tandem skydive is nearly the same as the rest of the country, around $200 for the skydive and $100-$150 for video and stills.

Can a 14 year old skydive?

The United States Parachute Association: Taking into account the age of majority, the USPA mandated that a jumper must be at least 18 years of age to skydive, and dropzones affiliated with the USPA must abide by USPA regulations and safety requirements.

How old can you skydive in Philippines?

Age: At least 18 years old and above.

Where can I bungee jump in the Philippines?

Bungee jumping is not available in the Philippines yet. However, a very good alternative is the canyon swing called The Plunge in Danao Adventure Park in Bohol. Unlike bungee jumping where you jump off a platform, you’ll hang by your feet in Danao and be dropped over 200 meters above the river.

Is skydiving balanced or unbalanced?

As the skydiver is falling the forces are unbalanced they will continue accelerating (falling quicker and quicker!). As they accelerate their speed increases. But air resistance is directly related to speed. As speed increases so does the force of air resistance!

What part of the Philippines is Cebu?

Cebu (/sɛˈbuː/; Cebuano: Sugbo), officially the Province of Cebu (Cebuano: Lalawigan sa Sugbo; Tagalog: Lalawigan ng Cebu), is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas (Region VII) region, and consists of a main island and 167 surrounding islands and islets.

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How much is skydiving in Bantayan Cebu?

The cost of a tandem skydive is 18,000 pesos if you land at the airport. You can also choose to land on a white-sand beach for an extra 1,000 pesos!

How much does skydiving cost in Dubai?


Tandem skydive (includes medical insurance): AED 1,999. Tandem skydive (medical insurance, standard video & photos): AED 2,299. One-minute Instagram video: AED 100. Tandem skydive gift certificate: AED 2,299.

Is it safe to skydive?

How safe is skydiving? Skydiving isn’t without risk, but is much safer than you might expect. According to statistics by the United States Parachute Association, in 2018 there were a total of 13 skydiving-related fatalities out of approximately 3.3 million jumps!

How scary is skydiving?

Simply put, the actual skydive (the free fall) doesn’t feel scary because you don’t feel out of control. Unlike a rollercoaster where you’re being rocked and jostled, the free fall is smooth. There aren’t sensations of plummeting to earth uncontrollably and you don’t get ground rush.

What is the lowest height you can skydive?

Because the basic safety requirements issued by the United States Parachute Association state that the minimum container opening altitude for tandem skydives is 5,000 feet, the minimum height for skydiving for a tandem skydive is between 7,000 feet and 8,000 feet.