How much do skydiving pilots make?

How do I become a skydive pilot?

A pilot must have a minimum of a Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Pilot Certificate in order to fly jumpers. Earning that certificate requires at least 250 hours of flight time.

How many hours do skydive pilots get?


Flying skydivers is entirely different. Jump pilots don’t have autopilot buttons. We spend all day making many take offs and landings, every 15-20 minutes so over the course of 8-12 hours, usually with changing wind conditions.

How much does a skydiver earn?

Skydive Instructor Salaries

Job Title Salary
iFLY Indoor Skydiving Indoor Skydiving Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $13/hr
Urban Air Trampoline Park Indoor Skydiving Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $10/hr
Skydive Long Island Tandem Skydive Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $48/hr

Can a private pilot fly skydivers?

If the pilot and skydivers maintain true integrity and aren’t actually exchanging money or favors, then yes, it is legal. Let’s look at a couple of possible scenarios. Scenario A: Three private pilots who have skydiving certification take turns flying the plane for each other while two of them dive.

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Do skydive pilots wear parachutes?

occupants, including the pilots, to wear a parachute if the door is opened. limitations for Cessnas are usually between 80-110 mph for door opening or flight with the door open.

Why do skydive planes descend so fast?

Because they tend to climb quickly to get to jump altitude (high power, hot engine) then descend very quickly to pick up the next batch of sky divers.

How much do pilots earn?

According to The Occupational Outlook Handbook, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, states that the “the median annual wage for commercial pilots was $93,300 in May 2020, while the median annual wage for airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers was $160,970”.

What does a jump pilot do?

Jump pilots fly aircraft for skydivers. In this role, you prepare the plane for each flight, monitor conditions in the air, and ensure the jumpers are secure and ready to dive out of the plane.

What is a skydive pilot?

The Jump Pilot is responsible for efficiently and safely taking the skydivers from the ground to jump altitude of up to 15,000 ft (MSL depending on the jump plane flown), with a specially modified aircraft to accommodate skydiving operations.

Can anyone wingsuit?

Since a wingsuit is an airfoil built around a person, you’ll need to put in plenty of time and energy to learn how to fly it, just like any other pilot. Aside from that, you’ll need to bring loads of prior skydiving experience, solid gear and great instruction into the equation.

How much are skydive instructors paid?

Pay can vary since work is dependent on good weather. Also, instructors are paid per jump. According to Bankrate, instructors will earn on average between $18,000 and $30,000 per year.

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How much does a skydiver make per jump?

Money Per Jump

Many skydivers are paid by each jump that they make. Usually, this means jumping with someone else, a less experienced diver, either as part of training or as a recreational assistant. Pay for this assistance is low, and usually comes to around $40 per jump, according to the

How fast do skydiving planes fly?

By definition, terminal velocity is a constant speed which is reached when the falling object is met with enough resistance to prevent further acceleration. Terminal velocity is, then, the fastest speed you will reach on your skydive; this is usually around 120 mph.

Do pilots have parachute training?

No. Pilots do not undergo practical jump training and are not certified parachutists. The reason they don’t is the parachute landing is the least of a ejecting pilot’s worries. Ejecting from an aircraft is extremely violent.

Can you skydive out of an airplane?

Skydiving out of an airplane is easy to find as this is what most skydiving centres around the world offer. However, there are a few places around the world (like Skydive Interlaken) that offer daily helicopter skydives.