How does a new kite appear in the sky?

Answer: A new kite looks bright on the blue sky. It takes a plunge and bends. It makes a cracking sound with its tail. The kite goes up in the sky as the breeze blows again.

How does a new kite look like in the blue sky Class 6?

Answer : A new kite looks very bright in the blue sky. The kite jumps in the air and moves up in the sky. It shakes its tail with a noise. It soars high like a ship in the air.

How does a kite look when it is new and when it is stuck on a tree?

In the clear sky means when there are no clouds, a kite will look bright in it. … A kite really looks bright on a clear sky. But when it gets stuck on a tree top, it gets torn and gives a poor look.

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What change a new breeze brings to the kite?

Answer: It makes the kite fly high.

How did kite look like?

Typically, a kite is lightly built, with a small head, partly bare face, short beak, and long narrow wings and tail. … Kites are buoyant in flight, slowly flapping and gliding with wings angled back. Several species are as graceful as terns.

How is the kite like a ship class 6?

It shakes its tail with a noise caused by air. It soars high like a ship in the air with only one sail. It moves upward in the air as a ship rides in the strong wave of the sea. It moves along with the wind, when the wind falls the kite takes rest.

When and where does the kite look bright?

The kite looks bright when it is in the blue sky. It dives, dips, snaps and soars like a ship. Riding on the wind the kite reaches to the crest. Immediately with a sudden gust it takes rest and with the fall of the wind it goes loose.

How does the poet describe the facts journey or antics of a kite in the sky?

When a strong wind blows, it rides over it as does a ship on a tidal wave. But its activity becomes weak as the speed of the wind becomes slow. Then the thread controlling the kite becomes loose and one has to roll it back on the charkhi. “The kite goes up in the sky as the breeze blows again.

How does a kite snaps its tail?

Q5) How does it snap its tail? Ans5) It snaps its tail with a dive and a dip.

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What happens to a kite when wind falls?

It moves along with the wind, when the wind falls the kite takes rest. When the string from which it is attached goes loose, the person who is controlling the kite, has to roll back the string. The kite has to come back to the ground.

What is the theme of the poem the kite?

Our youth is like bright kite and we try to achieve everything. We face failures in your lives (as the kite goes up and down) and one day we finally become old and die. So, the poem is about the reality of humans life which is short like the flight of kite.

What is the kite compared to in the poem the kite?

The kite is compared to a ship with a sail as it dips, dives and then soars up high!

Why does my kite not fly?

If a tail is too heavy or long the kite will not fly. … A tow point is located back so a kite can be flown in light wind conditions or to stop the kite from spinning, too far back and the kite will refuse to fly… relocate the tow point forward.

How high can a kite fly?

The maximum altitude for kites varies between countries. In the UK, you will find that the limit is 60 meters (197 feet), and in the USA, it is 150 feet (46 meters) with some conditions on weights. In Australia, it is 122 meters (400 feet).

Do kites eat rabbits?

Red Kites are scavengers and prefer to eat dead animals, road kill. They have been seen to take smaller, softer animals such as mice, voles, rabbits, crows and pigeons but they are fairly weak hunters in comparison to say a buzzard. They also eat invertebrates such as beetles and earth worms, especially in Spring.

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