How do you jump a kitesurf?

What is sand kiting?

Sand kiting is to kitesurfing what sandboarding is to snowboarding. It was a matter of time before extreme sports enthusiasts would attempt to harness the power of wind to surf on sand dunes using a power kite.

Can you fly a kite in the snow?

The answer is YES, you can! Kite flying is dependant mostly on wind, and as long as there is a breeze, you will be able to fly a kite in the winter.

Where can I snow in the kite in Utah?

The Skyline Drive snowkiting area in Utah’s Manti-La Sal National Forest is a premiere kite skiing location, with crosswind attacks ranging from 5 to 20 mph at a breathtaking 10,000 feet. From the Sanpete Valley, you can access the main Skyline Drive snowkiting area at Fairview Canyon on Highway 31 at mile marker 14.

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